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Note: The show dates are in the middle weekend of the term 2 holidays. You must be able to commit to all show dates, and rehearsals throughout the first week of the holidays.




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I agree that if I am cast (or my child/children) in Peter Pan JR with CentreStage Rolleston for the 2019 season that I (or my child/children) will become a financial member of CentreStage Rolleston and pay the associated show fee of $60. I also agree that I (or my child/children) will attend all the scheduled rehearsals, unless otherwise agreed. I also agree that CentreStage Rolleston will not be held liable for any harm caused to me (or my child/children) during the rehearsals or production and that I may be (or my child/children) removed if I (or my child/children) am deemed disruptive or causing harm to others or if I am absent for rehearsals without notice. I also agree that images may be taken of myself (or my child/children) during rehearsals to be used for promotional purposes.

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