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Local theatre invites aspiring actors to audition for Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap”

CentreStage Rolleston is thrilled to announce the hosting of auditions for the iconic play “The Mousetrap” by the legendary Dame Agatha Christie. If you’ve ever dreamed of treading the boards and unravelling mysteries, this is your chance!

This show features a raft of opportunities, especially for those younger thespians.

Audition details:

Date: Saturday 6 April, Sunday 7 April 2024

Time: 6PM – 9PM

Location: PLAY! Drama Workshops, 13 Henare Drive, Rolleston

Roles available:

  • Mollie: A young woman

  • Giles: A young man

  • Christopher Wren: Another young man

  • Mrs. Boyle: An imposing older woman

  • Major Metcalf: A military-bearing middle-aged man

  • Miss Casewell: A young woman

  • Mr. Paravicini: A mysterious middle-aged man

  • Sergeant Trotter: A young man

About “The Mousetrap”

Set in a newly-opened guesthouse during a snowstorm, “The Mousetrap” weaves a web of suspense, deceit, and suspicion. Amongst seemingly ordinary guests, a killer lurks, having already struck once. As tensions rise, everyone becomes a suspect, and secrets from the past emerge. But who will be the next victim, and who holds the key to unravelling the mystery?

Important audition notes:

  • Auditions are open to actors of all experience levels

  • Those auditioning are asked to prepare one of the provided monologues or script excerpts to perform at the audition

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a theatrical classic! For more information and to book an audition spot, visit

About CentreStage Rolleston: 

CentreStage Rolleston is a registered charity that was formed in 2018. We produce three major theatre shows each calendar year.The annual CentreStage Rolleston season includes a musical, a drama, and a season of youth theatre, each brought together by dozens of volunteers and thousands of volunteer hours.Our mission is to provide a platform for people in the performing arts community to be involved in all facets of theatre, and provide a local performing arts attraction for audiences of all ages to enjoy. We are celebrating our fifth year in 2024.


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